“ We never paid much attention to our website until we met with Intellasoft. The took the reins and created a wonderful website and brochure. And maintain our website. ”
-- Joan Wilcox, Town Of Clarkes Beach
“ We rely on Intellasoft for all our marketing materials. Website, menus, business cards, posters. On time and on budget. Delivered to our door. Always an insightful conversation on the general business climate. Always a pleasure. ”
-- Jim Parsons, Landing House Seafoods
“ Up until I met Intellasoft I never really had the time or budget to invest in a website. I really never saw how it could ad to my bottom line. Since then and after seeing what a website can do for me I have invested in road signage and door knockers. I always answer the door when Intellasoft knocks. ”
-- Aubrey Young, Superior Cabinets
“ Intellasoft was recommended to me by a colleague of mine. They handled all my website from transfer to redesign. They came in and took all the photos and took it upon themselves to organize our social media presence. ”
-- Larry O'Brien, Fast Glass
“ We always understood the importance of technology. We had a website from way way back. We happened to meet Intellasoft and since then our online marketing has grown to several new websites and major vidoe ad campaigns. Thank you Intellaoft ”
-- Carl & Doreen Hamlyn, HH Auto
“ We had some major troubles with both our website and our online invoicing system which is absolutely critical to our operation. Intellasoft was referred to us by an acquaintance and we have never looked back. ”
-- Daryl Quinn, Advanced Auto Tech
“ Intellasoft introduced themselves to our operation several years ago. We had a website but the experience was just not up to scale. We even lost our website address. Intellasoft designed a professional website and even managed to get back our old website address. ”
-- Jason Quinn, TTi (Trucks Trailers Inc)
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