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Beautiful Design Is Invisible. 

 Intellasoft creates digital experiences for companies and brands, communicating their unique service and value proposition.

Creativity. Intella makes it personal. Technology is used as a platform. Intellasoft will become your partner in revolutionizing your business through the creative process and carry your message to ypu audience using tomorrows technologies.

Intellasoft strives to create lasting impressions through its passion for its clients business success. And a relentless desire to provide clients with solutions, both visually and interactively.

Clients quickly learn why Intellasoft is an eighteen year veteran in the technology & design market place. Intellasoft works with each client. Stripping away the veneer of Big Firm formality and budget constraints. Intellasoft is known for its top shelf services in design, media, and software development. What you get is Small firm service. Large firm experience. A mantra Intella has carried since it's inception.

In keeping with a renewed client concentric focus, Intellasoft is renewing our service pledge by rebuilding our brand. Reaching out through its new on-line identity.

Welcome to Intella Communications.



::  responsive websites
::  social media buffering
::  advanced  applications
::  metrics / analytics
::  mobile apps
::  hosting / email
::  dBASE  work


:: marketing collaterals
:: tradeshow materials
:: advertising layout
:: reports / newsletters
:: promotional materials
:: creative prose


:: branding / rejigging
:: video production
:: appointment setting
:: direct mailer / response
:: public relations
:: consulting
:: market intelligence


:: accounting systems
:: network support
:: remote server BU
:: diagnostics / repairs
:: website rescue

Our Clients

  • 1stChoice
  • automagic
  • babyblue-kennels
  • banberry
  • bfsound
  • billyboot
  • byrons
  • campusrings
  • compass
  • ecohvac.jpg
  • fire-dept
  • gavin
  • hs_creditunion
  • ivanmian
  • kenny-granite
  • martin-industrial
  • mercury
  • noeldaleylaw
  • peterpansales
  • rideouttool
  • ryansfuneralservices
  • southernshore
  • sutton
  • tbclift
  • thelettucefarm
  • theoutport
  • tonystailor
  • unitedsales
  • vigilant
  • western-hydraulics
  • yourstylekitchens

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Our Feedback

The Product catalogues we had were simply impossible to work with. The costs of Digitizing locally were out of the universe. Intellasoft and its overseas connection Digitized and placed all of our products online in 4 weeks.


What I liked about Intellasoft is their no nonsense approach to tech talk. Very down to earth talk that spoke to us as business owners. A common sense approach our online business.

Bill B

Our Social Media page was simply not effective. With Intellasoft they set us up a system where we can upload 3 months of postings at a time and the system posted to all our Social Media pages. They even wrote the postings and created Videos for YouTube.

Sally S.

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